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Project Management

Managed multiple dynamic web design projects, including graphic design, database structure, and e-commerce implementation.

Coordinated software development project to ensure timely progress reports and consistent approach to bug fixes.

Directed training program development for U.S. Navy intelligence personnel operating in an international environment.

Developed, implemented, and tracked language training given by five instructors for 1,100-person hotel staff in China.

System Administration

Provided computer help desk and basic Windows NT system administration for 100+ users at a high-tech engineering firm.

Developed and implemented back-up regime for two companies to protect against loss of critical data.

Researched computer utilization at 5-star hotel in China and developed a systematic plan for upgrades to increase capability while limiting costs.

Staff/Functional Management

Conducted manpower reorganizations, consolidated job functions and reduced manpower requirements, resulting in a 20% personnel reduction.

Contributed to high-level multinational NATO committees that developed support systems and wrote intelligence reports for senior officials.

Developed computer-assisted briefing system that substantially improved the quality and depth of briefings.

Directed key intelligence staffs. Responsible for all operations, personnel management, and security of two 140-man intelligence units.

Developed and implemented training programs and wrote documentation for intelligence staffs, electronics/computer operators, and electronics maintenance technicians overseas and in the United States.

Prepared and edited NATO publications relating to basic intelligence data and exercises.

Produced reports, newsletters, and promotional materials for 5-star hotel in China and trained local staff in desktop publishing techniques.

Provided business documentation and marketing research an advertising company in China. Designed and developed computer-supported market statistics, business plan, and promotional material.

Researched, wrote and edited extensive NATO and U.S. Navy publications, manuals and briefings relating to basic intelligence data and exercises.

Taught Intermediate, Advanced and Business English courses and coordinated all language training for the staff of a major 5-star hotel in China.

Worked closely with foreign officers in Japan and throughout NATO to develop training, maintenance and exchange programs.>

Wrote and edited language training materials for Shangri-La Hotel. Developed automatic tracking of statistics and produced regular reports.

Facilities Management

Special Security Officer in charge of physical and personnel security for five intelligence organizations.

Advised senior military planners on physical security requirements for newly constructed intelligence offices.

Ensured that intelligence organization offices met Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, and NATO physical security requirements. Recommended corrective action as necessary to meet standards.

Reorganized maintenance and operations organizations to improve the efficiency of communication equipment operation.

Conducted physical security inspections of seven NATO organizations on an annual basis. Reviewed personnel security procedures on an ongoing basis.


Coordinated and conducted annual security inspections of seven NATO headquarters to minimize impact on operational requirements.

Designed, monitored and coordinated NATO military exercises (involving logistics, security arrangements, transportation, air/sea/land maneuvers).

Responsible for the overall management of specialist intelligence planning in a multinational environment.

Developed language training program schedule for a 5-star hotel in China





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