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These are pictures of some of my friends here in North Amercia. As usual, I don't have pictures of all the people I would like, but the ones I have are here.

Max Tayman

John Tayman

This is a picture of Max Tayman, the son of my good friend, John Tayman, who lives in Maryland. The red hair is real - no Photoshop tricks here!

And here's John. You can see where the red hair comes from (although it's not as obvious as it might be). John is the creator of BangCartoon, a spoof of the world of professional sports.

Dru and Kids in Germany

Demi and Jack - 1.5 years later

This is a picture of my good friend, Drusilla Grubb, and her kids, Demi and Jack, on the slopes in Germany. It's more than a year and half old now so the kids are much bigger, but don't they look like they're enjoying themselves?

And here are Demi and Jack (now known as JC) a year and a half later enjoying their Mom's new car! (Dru, how could you?)

Jan and Family - 8 years ago

Jan and Family - 2 years ago

When I was in high school, my parents moved from Las Vegas back to southern California. I stayed in Las Vegas with the Hellesos: close friends of the family. This is their oldest daughter and her family about eight years ago.

And here's another picture of them about two years ago.





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